Gerhard Linnekogel



Gerhard Linnekogel is a passionate people and lifestyle photographer. The brief gives him the framework to direct his casting and scouting towards to an authentic moment.

His mindfulness and loving respect for his performers and crew creates situations that are frew of posing and artificiality.

That was the prerequisite for him to capture real emotional moments for his clients in over 20 countries with thier different characters.


Aspirin, Altana, Avanza, Ariola Records, Beiersdorf, BMW, Bremer Landesbank, Belinda, Bitburger, Clariant, Camel, Cablecom, Captain Morgan, Coca-Cola, Chesterfield, Celest, DWS-Fonds, Deutsche Bank, Davidhoff, Der Spiegel, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Bundesbank, Deutsche Post AG , DFDS, Esso, Eurotel, Edel Records, Eastwest Records, Edeka, EON, Emirates, Fanta, Fuji, Fürstenberg (beer), Gabor Shoes, Google, Groupe Macif (France), GU Verlag, Haake Beck, Hansaplast, Hoechst AG , Indesit, ISH, König Pilsener, Krombacher, LTU, Lancia, L-Bank, Le Crobag, Lenor, LH-Magazine, Lichtblick, Max, McDonalds, McCafé, Mercedes Benz, Miles+More (Lufthansa), Macif (Paris), Marlboro, MDR, Mercury Records, Mineralöl, North Sails (Milano), Nivea, Nokia, o2, Olympus, Opel, Öger Tours, Premiere, Prinz, Puma, Pall Mall, Panasonic, PostFinance (Switzer-land), Parship, Quelle, Renault, Rivella, Samsung, Smirnoff, Shell, Sky TV (London), SKY TV (Germany), SAP, Schott (USA), Sierra Tequila, Sparkasse, Sprite, Stern, Schwäbisch Hall, Szene, SZ-Magazine, Tschibo, TUI, Telekom, UBS (Switzerland), Vattenfall, VW, Villeroy Boch, Vodafone, Warsteiner, Wella, Wernesgrüner



Production done in:

Arizona (USA), Buenos Aires (Agentina), Barcelona (Spain), Berlin (Germany), Corsica (France), CapeTown (South Africa), Fuerteventura (Spain), Gran Canaria (Spain), Habanna (Cuba), Hong Kong (China), Johannesburg (South Africa), London (Great Britain), Los Angeles (USA), Lisbon (Portugal), Las Vegas (USA), Mallorca (Spain), Mexico, Miami (USA), Milano (Italy), Montevideo (Uruguay), New Zeeland, New York (USA), Nevada (USA), Prague (Chech Republic), Paris (France), Rio de Janeiro (Brasil), Rome (Italy), Santiago de Chile (Chile), Sicilia (Italy), South Africa, Spain, South France, Stockholm (Sweden)