Fabian Hellgardt | motion


Dreaming up things and trying to make them become reality got me hooked, since I was a little kid.

In my early years I uses to spend hours, sitting in a puddle of lego bricks, building whatever came to my mind. Where lego bricks wouldn’t be enough to achieve a goal I started playing with new tools and techniques. As long as I can remember, I always had some kind of project going at the time. The tools I use to bring my ideas to life changed over the years, ranging from manual to digital crafts; from hand tools in my parents tiny basement workshop to early photoshop attempts on my first computer. 

I am genuinely interested in making things. My experience shows that I get the most interesting outcome, when different fields are combined in a technically creative way. This interdisciplinary approach with the entire creative process in mind allows me to decide on an idea and then choose the best techniques to achieve the wanted result. I offer the complete spectrum from manual crafts as Set design, Rig building, Lighting and Photography to Composing and Retouching. Knowing the possibilities of each of these crafts, I can add them up to satisfy my obsession with quality and detail.