Delia Baum


Delia Baum


Delias photography is an emotional and authentic mirror of todays life.

Since 2013 based in Berlin, her work has been focused on authentic characters and lifestyle photography.

Delia is fascinated by her surroundings and what is behind the obvious. Music and culture are a big influence in her work.



Sixt, Spreequell, MTV, Vans, Mercedes, DM, Ritex, Sparkasse, GLS Bank, Ritex, Kaufland, Lidl, Vattenfall, Adidas, Samsonite, Barmer, Immowelt...


Heimat, Jung von Matt, Grey, Kreuzbergkind, Schipper Company, Zum goldenen Hirschen, Freunde des Hauses, BBDO, Discodöner, Heldisch...


Stern, Grazia, Zeit Online, ELLE China, JUICE, Nido, Freitag, Djungle Word, Pychologie Heute,.......